Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Papa

Father's Day was on Sunday and I wrote a post about my dear husband. Therefore, I didn't get to write about my wonderful father or father-in-law. My Papa is an amazing man. He is very creative and has a fabulous mind. Papa is very well-read; when he visited us here in Florida, his Wallstreet Journal was forwarded to our home. Papa can often be found in the evenings and on weekends on his favorite sofa, devouring his latest read. When he is not relaxing in the evenings, Papa's days are very full. He runs his own business which involves balancing many things. Papa is also an antiquary. He truly loves furniture and other fine things and has a never-ending list of things he is restoring. My parents' home is filled with beautiful things and he can tell you all about them. It amazes me that he can look at furniture and know when it was made and the type of wood it is, et cetera. He loves history and can discuss the past and the present with a passion. Papa loves his family, and entertains all of us with his hilarious sense of humor. My favorite glimpses of Papa are when he is spending time with one of our five children, spraying them in the yard or walking on the beach. I am thankful for my Papa!


pink green & southern said...

What a sweet tribute! We call my dad Papa too and he is also never far from his WSJ!

Domestic Diva said...

Love this post!!! Have a fabulous weekend!