Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

My two sisters-in-law are so brilliant. They have to be since they married my fabulous brothers! A passed along a tip that R gave her. R is a beautiful Southern girl from Savannah, and those from Savannah know how to properly entertain. While visiting a favorite shop in Savannah, R was given a tip for ironing her linens. As you clean up from a party, go ahead and wash all of your linens, such as napkins and place mats. While they are still wet, slip them into a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and place them in the refrigerator until you have time later that week to iron them. When you have time to iron, simply remove them from the bag and start ironing! Enjoy!


Imjustagirl said...

WOW! and to think I just send them out to pressed. Ha!

EntertainingMom said...

Love the idea, but this time of year our fridge has no room... kitchen fridge has food and downstairs fridge all the soft drinks, seltzers, beer, extra milk, etc... And my fridges aren't small... Wow, that's scary! LOL

Kim said...

Thank you for your encouraging words about being away from family. Your insight and wisdom that everyone is still "spinning their wheels" at home brings peace and comfort when I think of all we left behind.
Love & Blessings,