Sunday, June 28, 2009

Husband's 40th Birthday

My dear husband is about to turn 40! I love birthdays because I believe each one is a gift (I have said this before, I know). I try my best to make those I love to feel special on their birthday. Something about turning 40 is a cause for celebration. We have moved to a new city, so we have newer friendships and a big party is not in order. DH planned his own birthday trip, so I can't surprise him with a getaway. I wanted to make a book of his 40 years, but I don't have all of the pictures. So... dear friends in the blogosphere, please share your ideas!! I need some ideas of how to make his 40th special. He says time away with me is enough, but I think he's just kind. I'd love to hear any ideas/suggestions. One friend, ML, gave her husband 40 gifts for his 40 years. What other ideas do YOU have? Please comment! I need your help!


EntertainingMom said...

When I turned 40 my husband rented out the large pavilion on the beach and we had a steel drum band and all of our friends and family came (from many states) and kids were included. Everyone had fun!

When my husband turned 40 we had a mediumish party at home with friends and family (from many states)

But I love parties -- any size -- and will find any excuse to throw one!

Anonymous said...

You should write him a list of 40 reasons you love him!

Kim said...

When my mother turned 60, I had all of her family and friends create a "Remember When" page. I asked them to record a special memory with the birthday girl and attached a photo. I compiled all the pages into a book with messages from family, new friends, and old friends. The book was like a stroll down memory lane and a HUGE hit.

Domestic Diva said...

Happy 40th!!!
Love a party of any kind!!
xxx me