Monday, November 23, 2009

My Mama Always Said

My Mama always said that you'll never meet a Dollar Store you don't like. She LOVES them!! She finds all kinds of "treasures" at Dollar Trees across the country. I love it! I often call home and ask where Mama is, and chances are, she is off finding bargains at the Dollar Store!! Hilarious.

Now I do have to tell you that Pink, Green, and Southern finds INCREDIBLE craft items at the Dollar Store. Wait until you see her Advent Calendar! Do you or your Mama like the Dollar Store?


pink green & southern said...

I need to meet your Momma!

And does your tweet say CHOCOLATE chess pies? I NEED that recipe!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Dollar Generals and Dollar Trees. Up around Sewanee, there is not much to choose from. Anytime I have a sorority function to plan I head straight there. Also when you have to give secret santa goodies or teacher gifts you can easily find little trinkets. I had to get a little gift to every girl in my sorority family so I got everything at DG and it cost around $15.