Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mama Henley's Mishaps

This is the dress that Mama Henley wore to run the errands to feed the children that live in the house her husband built. (Well, he paid for it. I'm trying to go along w/ the "This is the House that Jack Built" storyline. Stay with me.)

Do you see all of the PAPER LINT on this dress?

This is what's left of the catalog that somehow went through the wash and ruined the dress that Mama Henley wore to run the errands to feed the children that live in the house her husband built.

Moral of the story: Watch what you're doing and don't be in such a hurry with the 10,000 loads of laundry you do each day. Yes, I know, 10,000 is a lot and mishaps happen, but Mama Henley was in such a hurry she gave that LL Bean catalog a beating like it had never seen. So much for my Christmas shopping! I guess no one will be getting LL Bean totes this Christmas and now Mama Henley needs to go shopping! I'm just hoping the paper will come out of the children's school uniforms. UGH!!!


Valerie said...

Oh, bummer!

Love LLBean, too bad for that catalog.

I find it fascinating that many of the public schools in the Tampa area wear "uniforms" to school. (I attended Catholic school so I know all about uniforms LOL)! My cousin truly appreciates it for her 2 little ones, that's for sure!

Good luck with the lint removal,

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is awful! I hope you find a solution to getting it out! I have pink laundry if that makes you feel better. Hot pink new underwear turned ALL of my whites a lovely shade of baby pink... ugh.

bevysblog said...

At least you didn't wash your son's white football uniform pants with a red bathrobe! Pale pink on the football field would have never done. Washing those suckers over again was a pain.

Oh, and I wish we had uniforms! Life would be so much easier... one less trauma in the morning.

As for your dress, just get a roll of masking tape, pop a DVD in, and start delinting!

wendy said...

my favorite was the orange crayon that went through the washer AND the dryer. Yep, pretty picture!!!

pink green & southern said...

Reminds me of the time Mr. PG&S's bluetooth headpiece went through the dishwasher!

P.S. Did you get the jacket? Do you love it?!

The B Family said...

At least the catalog is on-line!

We recently had the dreaded black crayon go through with my favorite ivory sheets. It was a sad day indeed for Mama B.

Susan said...

Oh you poor thing! I have done this so many times before but with tissues or other items!!!! The worst thing is GUM ... at least a lint brush will remove most of it:) I love LLBean too:)

Jillian, Inc said...

OMgosh. Lauging WITH you and not AT you. I would never know what it's like to wash something that wasn't supposed to be washed - like a diaper. *eeewww**

Gwennie said...

I had a lipstick go through the dryer, and I had no one to blame but myself! I hate when I can't blame others! Wink, wink!