Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

I love to have a clean car. In an ideal world, every area I live in would be pile-free. Unfortunately, I do end up with piles of bills, papers to file, and other things. Therefore, I like for my car to be as clean as possible with 5 little monkeys. My tip is that every time you get out of your car, look around and take out any trash or wrappers or cups or bottles. Throw the trash away each time you run an errand, get gas, or run into your child's school. If you do this, the trash will not build up and become a monumental task. I ask the children to do the same thing, though a certain little boy often leaves a little trash in his cup holder!

My friend, A, has always kept her car vacuumed and cleaned. Sometimes the two of us would meet at Suds on Peace St. and chat while our cars were cleaned. It is great feeling to have a completely clean car!!

When we had triplet 2 year olds, it was difficult not to pass out Cheerios and goldfish while running errands. Now that our children are 2, 6, and 8, I try to limit their eating and drinking in the car as much as possible. This definitely cuts down on crumbs. However, with 5 young children, it's impossible to never let them eat in the car because we do most things as a family. If one child has an activity, all 5 children have to go. It's inevitable that you will have crumbs with young children. However, if you can limit the times they eat in the car, encourage everyone to take any trash out of the car each time you exit the car, and have your car professionally cleaned occasionally, it will help you have a neat and orderly car!! Now it's time for me to go use the vacuum again at the gas station!


EntertainingMom said...

there is really nothing better than a clean car, is there? It's so hard tho... I try to bring cups/coffee/kids, garbage, wrappers, etc out of the car at all times. I try to limit snacking in the car -- the biggest mess-maker. But truth be told as I am shuttling kids from activity to activity or from school to sports, they need to eat in the car at times. I HATE that they do not pick up their stuff. All the nagging in the world and they still forget... Sheesh. I am pretty good at getting the car vacuumed out when I go to the gas station. I fill my car up at least once a week... While the car is filling up I search through all the crevices for random crumbs, goldfish and wrappers... then I head to the self vacuum. Once a month I go to the car wash... Now only if I could keep my bag so clean!

pink green & southern said...

I agree with both you and Jessica. I keep a big trash can next to my parking spot in the garage so everyone can unload on their way out the car.

Valerie said...

I try to clean out the wrappers/goldfish/cheerios/sippy cups at the end of each day...after my last errand is run and I know that I will not be taking the car out again that night.

I also designate Fridays as my vacuum out the car day as it seems that I sometimes need to make fill-ups at odd times...hmmn...maybe I need to consolidate errands so that I only have to fill up once a week! LOL
By designating a specific day of the week it always (loosely implied!) gets done!

Valerie said...

It's me again!

I have been remiss in visiting (getting ready for little man's 3rd birthday family party) and haven't been reading or posting of late, but I just have to leave you with a few more thoughts!

First, I too am an in vitro mama! So, many blessings to you from a fellow medical miracle trooper. (Although we transferred two 5-day blastocysts, we ONLY (I say that sarcastically!!!) ended up with one miracle, but what a blessing she is!!! Are your #4 and #5 kiddos also in vitro or are they bonus babies? Our 2nd baby (little man) is our SURPRISE bonus baby! I feel so lucky to have gotten to have 2 kiddos although I would take so many more!!!

Also, I laughed out loud as I read your Pink Christmas tree post. I just saw some pastel trees at Michael's Craft Store this weekend. Mary Catherine (5) was immediately smitten and really wants a miniature one for her room. As I was looking at them I was thinking, "you know, that would be soooo cute, IF I LIVED IN THE SOUTH!!! I just don't think I could pull off the pastel tree here in the heartland...although the boutiques seem to certainly do a great job with it! Too much French Country decorating in our house to work, but I would love to see pics if you end up doing this!!! I am thinking of getting one for sweet pea's room!

And finally, I agree that the Ft. Hood and Orlando stories are such tragedies. I heard that song "Where are you Christmas?" by Faith Hill and it brought tears to my eyes. I also think the story out of Cleveland, OH and those poor college star-gazing girls drowning is also tragic. I have decided, though, that enough is enough and I need to more closely supervise what my little ones HEAR from the TV/Radio. My sweet little one asked me if I would be sad if she died. O.M.Gosh!!! I was shocked to realize that she is trying to process these news stories that she is hearing, but not actively watching! Shame on me!!!

Anyway, I always enjoy reading your blog and just recently became a follower. I discovered you via Pearls & Grace!

Blessings to you from Kansas,

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I don't have any children yet, but I still make a very strong effort to keep my car clean! Now if only I could teach my dog to wipe his paws before tracking dirt into the back seat!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I keep a plastic grocery store bag in my car and tie it up for the trash every couple of days. Really helps with the clutter!

The Hayden Family said...

LOVE to have a clean car! And baby wipes help! Thanks for the reminder that there are probably some errant french fries in the car! your tips rock...thank you!

bevysblog said...

I love a clean car, but yes... so hard to keep it that way! Shuttling two boys back and forth to football practice and games is really the worst, with all the grass and dirt in the cleats. My saving grace is the Target version of the Reisenthal Market Tote as a trash bin. It stands up perfectly between the seats in the Odessey. And then, whenever I need do, just grab the handles and empty it!

I also keep packs of babywipes like "Hayden". They work magic!

I'm with you on getting it professionally cleaned. The car just smells so good! Ahhhh....

Gwennie said...

I keep the shopvac plugged in at all times in the garage, so I can vacuum asap. I dirty car drives me crazy!