Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be careful with balloons!

Balloons are one of those things that most children just LOVE. They like to watch them, hold them, and play with them.  They will beg for them in stores & you have to pry them out of their little fingers.  They are a plethora of balloons at birthday parties, carnivals, field days, etc.  Balloons are a part of our childhood!  However innocuous balloons may seem, they are really quite dangerous.  Young children often try to blow up balloons and accidentally inhale instead of exhale.  If the balloon goes down a child's throat, it blocks the airway.  A child can quickly suffocate.  So, PLEASE BE CAREFUL with balloons!

We attended a Family Olympics, complete with a fun water balloon toss.   It was great fun for all... except for those of us with toddlers!  I was terrified our 18 month old would pick up a piece of a balloon & swallow it. I found a 2 year old trying to blow up one of the tiny balloons with no parents in sight.  She easily could have swallowed it!!  I  hate to be overly cautious, but do take heed! :)

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