Sunday, August 31, 2008

St. John's Resort

On a sunny July day, D & I met J at the Ritz St. Thomas.  We had returned to the Ritz with friends, S & R, after the Ritz handled our problems so wonderfully! We hit it off with J immediately!!!
J had been staying across the bay on St. John's at Caneel Bay Resort.  This resort is known for its service, and the fact that it is a former Rockefeller Resort.  It evokes images of true LUXURY.  Unfortunately for J, that is not what he experienced!  You should see the letter Henley on the Horn wrote for him!  There were multiple problems, including a dirty room with a roach problem, lazy staff who were unhelpful, and a walk to the beach that was strenuous and unenjoyable.  If it was too much for J, who is a personal trainer to the stars, then let me tell you, it's too much!!
J hired me to write a letter for him & Henley on the Horn received a FULL REFUND of his stay!  Needless to say, J, D, & I are still very good friends!!

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