Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots of tears

Today was filled with lots of tears! Our sweet triplets began the first grade today.  It was the first time they were in three separate classrooms.  They were anxious, excited, afraid, thrilled, nervous, happy, all rolled into one!!  I cried as I told each of them goodbye, but I am so PROUD of them!!! What is it about the beginning of the school year that makes us mamas so sad? I guess it's because it signifies a new beginning, another year older, another year closer to the day they will no longer live at home.  Our preemies are now 7 & in the first grade!!

My friend, A, saw all of the Kindergarten bus students in the lunchroom getting their breakfast.  She said they were wide-eyed and probably terrified. She was overcome with emotions thinking about how their mamas and daddies weren't able to bring them to school today.  Please don't forget those children in your schools this year!!!  I try to send in extra snacks and food, but my friend, L, buys Root t-shirts for the children that don't have them.  We have bought Chick Fil A for some of the students in our class and our school sponsors these children at Christmas.... please look around you & don't forget those that share a table with your child in the classroom!!  Many are just as needy for hugs and material things as those in other countries.

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