Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just one of those days

Today was one of those truly challenging days of being CEO of our home. I adore our 5 children, but they are so ready for school!!  We woke up & I fed all 5 some scrambled eggs & Eggo waffles & had them get dressed to go buy a birthday gift.  We rushed out the door and were at the store before it even opened.  In the store with all 5 children, out with a gift that was $10 more than I had hoped to spend. Happy K can't wait to give the gift to her friend E.  We sped to the swimming pool & enjoyed 2 hours of swimming, lots of fighting over buckets & pool rockets, fussing over the lunch I had packed, tears begging for food from the snack bar, and showers for all. I was exhausted. We rushed home to put baby in the bed for 30 mins before driving 30 mins to Pump It Up for the birthday party. After a quick shower, we all jumped back in the car & began our journey to the party. As I drove into the parking lot, I realized there were NO CARS. NOT EVEN THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! I quickly opened my calendar, and was disappointed to learn that THE PARTY IS TOMORROW. I have to do it all again tomorrow!!!

We went to Target to spend even more money in the dark hole we call Tar-jay.  Two sticky icees & $250 later, we leave.  I hate buying Icees/treats for children, but I had to do something b/c K was sobbing that it was not her best friend's party TODAY. Mama goofed, Mama bought icees. So healthy,  I know! Our Target extravaganza lasted over an hour between coupon searching, looking for the items, etc. Again, I am EXHAUSTED.  Lots of fighting and fussing and tears as we loaded up to go home.

We rushed in the door to unload & prepare for my little brother & his fiancee to join us for dinner. Thankfully, I had not promised culinary delights... burgers on the grill & a can of baked beans were all I could muster!!!  It may not sound bad, but Target with 5 children ages 7 & under all fighting to be in the 2 person cart, is tough by itself!!!  It was just one of those days....

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