Saturday, August 30, 2008

Organizational Tips!

-Make lunches for school the night before
-Buy reusable containers to cut down on the number of ziploc bags you must use!
-Have backpacks packed with all homework, projects, special items
-Look at all of your "parent homework" as soon as the children come home
-Keep a calendar handy at all times
-Keep a project in the car to work on for those times you have to WAIT and WAIT... it can be a photo album, needlepoint work, or a box of stationary
-If you clip something out of the paper to send to a friend, do it right then!! I have a whole basket full of things to send people. Don't let it sit!
-Go ahead & brown more than 1 pound of hamburger at a time.  Use 1 pound for dinner that night and freeze the rest in 1 pound (just estimate) bags.  Then, you can pull it out & make tacos, spaghetti, or beef stroganoff very easily!
-Keep a pen, tweezers, kleenex, etc. in your car!
-Keep BENADRYL in your glove compartment, but be sure to check it yearly for expiration dates!  Benadryl now sells 1 tsp. premeasured spoons that are individually wrapped. I keep it in my glove compartment and diaper bag.
-If you make a casserole or similar dish, double it & freeze one!  You can take it to a friend or save it for dinner in a month or two.
-Write your thank you notes immediately!  It will feel good to accomplish something, and then  you won't forget to write them.
-Plan in advance. FOR EVERYTHING.  If you're going on a trip in a month, start planning in advance for what you need to take, who will keep your children, etc.  It is much less stressful if you take time to plan!!!

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