Friday, August 15, 2008

New baby wash!

After having had 5 babies, you begin to have favorites of everything from yogurt to sippy cups (see happy mommy's favorite) to diapers!  I have always loved the sweet smell of Baby Magic baby wash.  It just has a wonderful baby smell!

Then my friend ML introduced me to Noodle & Boo, which they sell at their store in HP in Dallas. Love it!  However, it's a bit pricey for a mama to 5.

Leave it to my friend, M, to have found something PERFECT at Target!  We love the Tar-jay!  She bought the Method baby wash & shampoo all-in-one! It has the cutest round shape AND it has a cup attached for washing baby's hair or for letting baby play in the water!  It's a GREEN product too & is made of rice and mallow (like marshmallow), so it has the sweetest smell!  It is also perfect to tote in the pool bag or on trips!  RUN TO TARGET, RUN!

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