Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bumper Stickers

You just need to be careful with what you put on your car! Bumper stickers can be quite offensive and even invasive. I was in a parking lot today and on one car it said, "Rarely do well-behaved women make history" and had other "liberating" bumper stickers. A few cars down, it said, "Are you SAVED?" Well, thankfully by God's grace, I AM saved, but what if I wasn't? Does the owner of the car really think I am going to fall down on my knees in the AC Moore parking lot & pray for my salvation because they had a "Are you saved" bumper sticker? I tell you what, those bumper stickers make me, a Bible-thumpin' nut, just plain mad!! I want to scream because I believe they push more people away rather than pull them in.

I am thankful that the election is behind us. Phone calls, commercials, and facebook comments did not lure me from one side to the other. People... the ISSUES at stake are why I chose my candidate. He best represented my personal convictions and beliefs. Things that cause an emotional or angry response often do not promote the change the bearer of the bumper sticker is encouraging. I may agree with the underlying message or point a bumper sticker is making, but it's all in the verbage. I think I am rambling, but think carefully about what you put on your car. Do you drive like a maniac with "Are you going to HELL?" on your back bumper? Is your car covered in rainbows while you picket against gay rights? Personally I think you gain more respect by developing relationships with people rather than forcing your beliefs on them through bumper stickers and other mediums!

I think I am a little fired up lately with the upcoming move, etc., so WATCH OUT!!!


Kappa Prep said...

I have never been bog on bumper stickers. In fact until last month I had never, ever had one. I know have a Taft crest sticker that I backed with magnet on my car. Unlike many stickers it is pretty basic and does not scream anything!

Melissa said...

I read another post on bumper stickers that would crack you up! I didn't have your email address, though! I couldn't agree more!