Monday, November 3, 2008

Packing Tip for a MOVE

My friend, B, has moved more times than I can count!! She has made more homes lovely in a few days time than anyone I know!!!! She has a great packing tip if you are being moved by movers for a corporate move. This would also work if you're moving in-town and want to stay organized. Buy ziploc bags and use them for EVERY DRAWER in your home. Otherwise, things will be lost because the movers will wrap things individually in paper or you will lose them because you have just thrown stuff haphazardly in a box!! So, buy lots of ziplocs, put all drawer contents in them, label the bag with a Sharpie marker, and put the bag back in the drawer. You'll be so happy you did!! Sadly, I am starting to stock up on ziploc bags!!!


Preppy Pettit said...

Yes, I told him, and although he said he was sorry, he did NOTHING. I understand money is tight, but really? For his birthday I taught the twins how to sing "happy birthday" along with cake and gifts.

Kappa Prep said...

B sounds like my mother! She has moved so many times, but every place we have ever lived has been made into a perfect home.

Henley on the Horn said...

Please pass along anything you have gleaned from watching your mother move so many times!!~!