Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday's Tip!

Our garbage day is on Wednesday. Talk about the yuckiest, hardest job in the world!! Can you imagine being a sanitation worker? I have great respect for the men and women who do this dirty job. They are serving our community in a very hands-on, difficult way. They have to smell putrid garbage and look at all kinds of unmentionables for very little pay. Therefore, I try to treat them whenever I can!
This week, I bought some grape soda and put a 6 pack of bottles on top of our trash cans. We had a lot of extra trash this week, and they deserved an extra treat. I have made homemade treats before and left them on the cans. As I mentioned the other day, they are often the recipients of extra candy or treats that we no longer need in our home. At Christmas, I leave an envelope with some cash in it for them. These are all little things we can do to make their workday just a little bit better!
In return, our sanitation workers are always friendly to me. I have even seen one in public and we have spoken to one another. They are willing to take our trash, even though we always have the most on our street. They have even taken things that won't fit in the cans. I am not doing little things so that they will take my trash, but it blesses all of us! Try it!


Happy Mommy said...

You inspired me and I left Halloween candy on top of our bin yesterday! It was so fun doing that for them, too!!!

Preppy Pettit said...

what a sweet idea! Our workers are so sweet, they would remind me to empty my daiper pail when they would empty our bins.