Friday, November 28, 2008

With Thanksgiving

We had a perfect Thanksgiving except for that D's mother was not with us & my baby brother and his new wife were with her family. Otherwise, it was perfect. We finished eating and everyone helped clean the kitchen. Mama was still in the kitchen after the rest of us had left the room. Everyone adjourned to the living room. Suddenly we heard a big crash and everyone thought Mama had dropped a dish. We waited until the dish quit making noise, and I called out, "Mama?" She didn't answer. I looked around the room and everyone's face registered the exact same thought that I was having. Something was wrong. I yelled, "Mama!!" one more time and 4 adults ran to the kitchen. I was screaming, "Call 911! Call 911!" All of our hearts stopped when we reached the kitchen and no one was standing there. We assumed the worst. I was frantically thinking that I don't really know CPR. We looked around the corner, and Mama wasn't there. My sister-in-law had dialed 911. Suddenly, Mama walked into the room and asked us what we were doing.

Thankfully, she was just fine and the platter had fallen on its own. We all assumed that she had fainted or had had a stroke. Her father, my grandfather, had died at age 64 of a stroke. We were all shaking, yet so thankful that Mama is just fine. It was a good reminder that every day is a gift. We should treasure each minute, hour, and day. God is good.

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