Sunday, November 9, 2008

God's Providence

I believe in God's providence... that all things in life happen for a reason and were predestined before I was ever even formed in my mother's womb! I believe that as the Lord knit me together, counted the hairs on my head, and planned my life, that He knew that in late 2008 or early 2009 I would move to South Tampa, Florida. I can tell you that in my 37 years, I never planned this move! :) However, it is neat to take a step back and see God's goodness and mercy and grace in all of the details.

-DH (Dear Hubby) received a PROMOTION when most companies are not hiring and may even be cutting back
-We met a Christian realtor and his family a year ago, and they have taken in DH and fed him numerous time while I am at home
-The realtor is a true believer, one who practices what he preaches. He & his family have an amazing testimony.
-We are moving to an area where home values have drastically dropped. It is a great buyer's market!
-My friend, MH, who is more like a sister than a friend, was able to take off more than FOUR DAYS of being a labor & delivery nurse to stay with our children. She even showed the house several times while we were gone!!
-Our corporate appraisals for the relocation were very good, despite falling house prices
-We've had more showings and activity than other houses on the market
-We had a busy Open House today
-Our children are peacefully sleeping at 8:10pm!
-Our choices are very different in Florida, but I have adjusted to them (most of the time... I still throw some fits or cry every now & then or every then & then!)
-Playdates have happened and meals have appeared on the days we most need them
-We've had such encouraging phone calls & emails that I have saved most of them so I can listen to them again!
-I enjoyed meeting DH's boss and his wife
-We are moving to a place that is friendly and beautiful
-One of my college sorority sisters & her husband and 4 children are moving to S Tampa AT THE SAME TIME and they have bought a house right near where we hope to buy!!!! We were even roommates one summer! This is nothing short of God's providence!
-A general feeling of peace, even in the midst of emotional turmoil over having to leave
-A special day as a family today!!! We are reminded of what is most important
-A welcoming PCA church family in S Tampa!
-Our friend and former babysitter grew up in S Tampa & has told us all of the good places to go! B, DH is going to buy a casserole at Wright's!


pink green & southern said...

You are such a strong Christian woman. And reading your posts make me want to be a better one. Thanks for the inspiration!

And from one who "moves" often to one who is about to, you WILL make it--your attitude and outlook on things is amazing.

Kappa Prep said...

You are so strong and faithful! I am so thrilled to hear about all your good news. How exciting that an old sorority sister is moving at the same time and will hopefully be near!