Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A move!

Anyone who knows me knows that I would not choose to leave my entire family and move to Florida. It is just not in me. I love being close to my siblings, my parents, and cousins. We live in the city that is my home. I grew up here, and I love knowing everyone from our mail lady to the people at the camera store to the lady who helps me print cookbooks at Staples to Miss Aggie at our dry cleaners. I love being near so many friends... some who I have known since childhood, some that I have met because of my own children, and others who I have met along the way. I love that our city has 4 distinct seasons that are all beautiful. We live 5 minutes from our church, our school, my family, Target, our grocery store, Costco, Borders, and a high-end shopping center. I have everything I need, including a home we have renovated and loved and enjoyed. All 5 of our babies have come home to this house!! It is not the biggest house in town, but it may well be the most loved and enjoyed!!

Despite the economy, the presidential election, and the general uncertainty in the world at this time, my sweet husband received a promotion. This shows you God's grace and mercy and His perfect plan, and it is also a HUGE compliment to DH (dear hubby)!!! We are so thankful for a promotion at a time when so many are without jobs. Thank you, Lord! However, this promotion involves a cross-country move to a state I never envisioned inhabiting. After all, DH will tell you that when we moved to our city, it was to stay. So, when DH came home with this exciting news, I had 2 choices... to obey the Lord's calling for our family, or to disobey, throw a fit, and threaten to leave my husband. There are days that throwing a fit seemed like the easier thing to do! Thankfully, God has given me the grace and peace to go. I don't want to move. Nothing in me wants to pack up our home where all of our children were born and haul our earthly belongings across several states. This is just not my idea of a good time!! I am extremely sentimental (to a fault according to many of my friends), and it KILLS me to leave the elementary school my children attend because I walked through the very same halls!!! So much of this move is a very emotional move for me.

However, God is bigger than all of this. He is bigger than me and my fears. He is bigger than a market where home values have fallen. He is bigger than my worries about finding 4 more wonderful teachers for our oldest children. He is bigger than my worries that I won't have a single friend and I will be found cowering in a closet clutching our 2 year old! He is bigger than all of that!! I can honestly say that I have a peace that truly passes all understanding because I have been able to embrace this move and follow DH. It doesn't mean I want to leave, but I have peace that this is what I'm supposed to do to be in God's will. And if we're in God's will, there is no place any of us should rather be.

Now, pack your bags and plan a visit to the sunshine state!!! I'll be waiting for you!


pink green & southern said...

So well put, Henley! You are right--God is so much bigger than our fears. I have to remind myself of this daily as I have followed my husband here to a "foreign land" just like you are about to do. During your "down times" read this beautiful post (or email me!) to fortify yourself...and good luck,sweetie, you can do it!!!

Preppy Pettit said...

Aw, sweet girl. I totally understand. We live in the same situation and my twins go to the same pre-school I went to, play in the same parks, ect. Good job embracing change. You are doing so gracefully! Keep you faith in God, he will provide.
p.s. paul did 0 for b-day. oh well... there is always next year.

Monogramchick said...

wow, i can sympathize with you. it is amazing how God can surprise you with His plans! :)

I know y'all will do well in Florida, I grew up there, to what part will you be moving?

Henley on the Horn said...

We are moving to S. Tampa, FL. I am here now house hunting & it is pretty!

Kappa Prep said...

You always say things so well! My mother has moved more times than one can count on four hands and many times she knew no one. However, we all have life long frineds from each city we lived in. You are such a postive person you are going to have no trouble at all. If you are ready to embrace what God is giving you he will provide! Also, think how wonderful it will be to live in summer clothes eleven and a hlaf months a year and be so close to Disney World for the little ones!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I bet through this lovely blogging community we can find you some instant fabulous girlfriends and new places to explore!! So tell us where you end up and we'll pull our resources and see who we can hook you and those babies up with !