Friday, August 7, 2009

The Beauty Shop Restaurant

One of my favorite dining experiences of all time was in Memphis, Tennessee. After all, what is there NOT to like about Memphis, its deep history, Beale Street, its ribs, and its people. If it's good enough for Elvis, it's good enough for me:). Anywho, four years ago DH & I took turns taking each triplet on a trip all by themselves. Miss CP and I flew to Memphis to visit dear friends, G & J, and B & C. What a wonderful weekend! Highlights were seeing J's son play basketball, The Women's Exchange, driving through neighborhoods, meeting the Peabody Hotel ducks, and EATING.

Saturday night of that long ago weekend, B, J, and I snuck out for a ladies-only dinner. We went to The Beauty Shop Restaurant. I had one of the BEST salads I've ever had. It was all delicious! I really loved the atmosphere. You literally eat with 1960s beauty shop gear all around you.... the large hairdryer seats, signs, et cetera. The tables are set with a mixture of china and silver and glasses so that no 2 place settings are exactly alike. SO UTTERLY CHARMING and CREATIVE.

If you're going to Memphis, you must stop in and try the Beauty Shop. You won't regret it!


Gwennie said...

You left me hanging! What was in the salad? I am dying to know!

Henley on the Horn said...

Sorry... it was a few years ago, but I remember it had blue cheese crumbles, sugared nuts, craisins, and all sorts of yummies! I believe it had grilled chicken and maybe some apples too.

pink green & southern said...

OMG, I 've never been there and Memphis is my home away from home (I went to college there). The next time I am in town visiting I will have to take my lovely 87 year old grandmother there!

Henley on the Horn said...

KK, yes, you will! Grandmother will LOVE it. It is so charming and fun!