Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, J!!

My sweet friend, J, has a birthday today. J is an amazing friend. She is so thoughtful and remembers ALL (there are 7 of us!) of our birthdays and special occasions. She sends the most fun packages with the perfect gift every time. She knows exactly what each of us will enjoy!

J is a fabulous cook and she makes it look so simple. Whenever we visit, she makes my favorite breakfast sandwich. It is a croissant with a fried egg, crispy bacon, and Vermont white cheddar cheese. It is fantastic!! She & DH share a love for coffee and often go to Expresso Love or the Black Dog when we visit.

J is a fabulous mother. Her girls are both so smart and use good manners. J has read every book under the sun to them!! She has exposed them to so many wonderful activities from needlepoint to karate to horseback riding and farm camp. I just love it.

J is a wonderful wife. She & D have a great relationship and really understand one another.

J writes letters. That is a lost art!! I just love mail.

J is a true friend. She is always giving of herself to others and fully supports the charities and causes in which she believes. She is smart, industrious, well-read, a fabulous entertainer, a great decorator, and a special friend. I am so complemented that she reads my blog. Happy Birthday, J!!! May it be your happiest one yet.


Domestic Diva said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope all her birthday wishes come true!
xxx me

Melissa said...