Saturday, August 8, 2009

A little adventure!

Yesterday we met DH in Orlando where he had been in an all-day meeting. After exchanging a shirt at the wonderful Millenia Mall, we ate dinner and decided to drive by Downtown Disney. DH has always always ALWAYS wanted to go to Chip & Dale's Campfire at the Fort Wilderness Resort in Disney. I showed the attendant the receipt for our passes, and she let us in the gates! As we drove towards Fort Wilderness, we discussed the fact that we just might be able to see the campfire and movie and that if we could, we would surprise the children. It is exciting just to be inside those big gates. Something about Disney makes your heart smile and creates very happy children. "I see Goofy!" "It's Mickey Mouse!"

We drove to some gates and were told to head on down the road to park and take a bus to the campsite. We couldn't believe it. This was TOTALLY unplanned, and we were being given a gift of a fun Disney memory without the expense of a Disney hotel! We parked, grabbed the two water bottles I had, and raced to the bus. With no idea of how to get where we were going, we took in the sights around us, and waited with anticipation. The cabins at Fort Wilderness really are neat!

The bus dropped us off and we arrived at the campfire. It was full of people. Can you believe that there was one long open bench? It looked like it was saved just for us!! :) We were all thrilled. Thankfully they accepted debit cards so we were able to buy the s'mores kit and the children roasted marshmallows over the fire pit. It was a great evening out under the stars! We watched some of the movie, and then loaded up our tired crew and drove home, thankful that we live just an hour and 15 minutes from Disney and that the Lord still continues to give us little surprises like this one!


EntertainingMom said...

I am so totally envious that you can do that! What fun and what a great memory for all of you!

The B Family said...

Sounds like fun! That will probably be an unforgettable experience for your children. The Disney magic is one of our favorite things about living in central Florida. We love having passes and being able to go go to the parks for just a morning or an evening. We just found out about the Chip and Dale bonfire a few months ago--have been planning to take our girls one evening this fall. There are a ton of fun activities at the hotel resorts that anyone (passes or not) can just show up and enjoy. I've found a bunch of "insider tips" at

Ashley Lauren said...

I grew up outside of Tampa and my mom always took us to the hotels for fun! We had seasonal passes, but sometimes we enjoyed the hotel pools more than the parks :)