Friday, August 28, 2009

Car Time

Do you take advantage of time in the car with your little ones? I know that I too often reach for my cell phone instead of engaging our children. I have learned that "car time" is special because the children will open up and tell me about their day. One of our girls is quieter than the other children, so I try to make sure that she has a turn to speak along with her brother and sisters.
As we are driving to school in the mornings, I try to remember to PRAY for our children and the children in our carpool. Don't worry, I don't bow my head or close my eyes. I simply pray a prayer out loud asking the Lord to bless our day and committing the day and my children to Him. This morning, I named all of the children in our car, which was my 5 plus 2 friends, and prayed for them. My most earnest prayer each day is for their protection... from bad people, accidents, disease, and sickness. I know that their days are already numbered, but I want them protected each day. I pray that they will know the Lord as their Savior. I believe our oldest 4 already do, and it brings such joy to my heart. They still need to learn and grow, but they have all committed their lives to the Lord. But that's another story...

So, use your sweet time in the car with your children in a meaningful way. Try to make less phone calls and engage them more! After my quick prayer, we turned up the radio and shook the car laughing and singing to "Who Let the Dogs Out?" Don't you know we were a sight to see!!!


EntertainingMom said...

In CT it is illegal to talk on the phone in the car unless you have a hands-free device or Bluetooth. I only talk when absolutely necessary, and because of my Bluetooth it is often hard to hear the driver because it picks up all the other noise, including kids!

Truth be told I hate driving around with the kids. They drive me insane! LOL Usually they whine when we are in the car... unless they want something ;) I have to admit I love when they have friends in the car, and I love listening to their little conversations -- so cute and so funny!

Pearls and Grace said...

Oh yes. Let's see the car. Hmmm.....
That is always fun! At least it starts out that way. But 30 min. is their max- I don't know about yours?:)

Mine are good and quiet for food. But then the car smells. And I cannot talk on the phone in the car- they have some kind of sensor that goes off the second I pick up the phone! LOL! It's is really something. They get EVEN louder if they see me with any kind of phone in my hand.

Having said that, they will be still for Veggie tales.
They LOVE V.Tales. But I hate having to put a movie on to get them to be quiet!

How are you doing? I've missed catching up with you and would love to when you have time. I have been a bit overwhelmed....:)

I would love to post pictures of our house but that would mean you would see all of my boxes, dirty laundry and the like. Do you want to see?
I will send you an e-mail pic and you will feel much better about your parenting and homekeeping skills! I promise!!



Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh, definitely a great time for prayer with our kids when they were younger! It was a great way to start their school day!

(actually, even when our youngest was a high school Junior & Senior, and I needed his car, I would ride with him to school, pray together enroute, & have the car for the day...(my car went to our oldest daughter in college, since hers was unreliable). was a great way to start the day then too :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Domestic Diva said...

I have never been able to talk on the phone with my little ones.... they demand all my time. They love to hear the music and that is what takes place!!
xxxxx me