Friday, August 6, 2010

Fat Friday... Craig and Sally's

Craig and Sally's is our favorite restaurant in the whole world! It is located in Frenchtown in St. Thomas. If you are a true foodie, you will LOVE Craig & Sally's. Sally began her restaurant on the concept of wanting to serve fresh food daily. Her menu changes each day according to what is fresh at the local market. It's as close to a "farm to table" meal that you can get on St. Thomas!

We spent our 15th wedding anniversary at the Ritz in St. Thomas. It was our 5th time at the resort because we love it so much. A highlight of every trip is that we will take a cab and go to dinner at Craig and Sally's. I called in advance so that we would be sure to have reservations on our anniversary. Our waiter, Douglas, was waiting for us when we arrived. We braved a rainstorm and a long cab ride just to have Sally's amazing bites of goodness.

Our meal began with the lamb chop appetizer. The meat was so tender and perfectly prepared. Imagine our surprise when Douglas informed us that my brother and sweet sis in law had called in advance to buy our appetizer and dessert! We were delighted! The lamb appetizer did not disappoint.

I had a delicious ribeye with a fayot sauce that was out of this world!!! It was served with tender gnocchi and beautiful green beans. Dh tried the grilled crown roast pork chop with buttered potatoes, brasied cabbage, and chorizo sausage gravy. His pork chop was enormous and he said it was perfect! We also enjoyed a nice red wine and the white chocolate with raspberry sauce cheesecake. To say we were surfeited would be an understatement! It was all so delicious.

In fact, it was so delicious that we brought new friends back with us the next night!! Craig expressed their appreciation by treating us to dessert! If you visit St. Thomas and don't try Craig & Sally's, you are making a grave mistake! It's the BEST!!!

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