Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Things Mama Henley Doesn't Like When She Flies!

I've had the privilege of flying several times this summer. However, there have been 2 incidents that did not make Mama Henley a happy camper. First of all, we boarded our flight to St. Thomas for our 2nd honeymoon/15th anniversary only to look across the aisle and see a woman who was very sick BEFORE TAKEOFF. She was with a group of athletes from around the world and she was clearly sick with an intestinal bug. It was an intestinal bug that Mama Henley did not want the pleasure of enjoying on my trip away with my man. I was NOT happy. Of course I had all of the sympathy in the world for this poor woman, but I really did not want to sit near her on a plane with recirculated air. Can we all say, "YUCK?" I mean, this was not motion sickness because we weren't moving yet! The flight attendant was aware of the situation but did nothing to correct other than hand her a huge garbage bag. Needless to say, it was not an enjoyable flight as I almost joined in on the vomiting after hearing and seeing her!

Today we flew home from a fun family wedding. On the last leg of our flight, the man behind my oldest and youngest child and me called to the flight attendant. The badly-dyed spiked hair gentleman said, "Just so you know, I'll need someone to escort me off the plane in Tampa because the sheriff will be waiting for me." He did not laugh and say, "Oh, I'm just kidding!" The flight attendant did not laugh either. In fact, she had him come off the plane and I guess they talked to security. Unfortunately, they allowed him BACK ON THE PHONE right behind our precious son. I did not enjoy the rest of my flight as I wondered of what sort of criminal matter this gentleman was being accused. Again, I would have been better off without this person on my flight! Have you had crazy flight experiences?


Susan said...

I've got a good one. I was traveling from San Diego back home to Colorado with 3 children at the time. The pilot went below the plane before take off and some kind of chemical sprayed in his eyes. The flight attendant came on the speaker, told us what happened, and then said we would be waiting on the tar mac until they could find another pilot. One of the passengers (dressed in some skin tight jeans with a belt buckle a mile wide and a cow boy hat and boots) got up and walked to the front of the plane. He went inside the cock pit and the flight attendant told us to prepare for take off. I kept saying to the people around me, "Is anyone else just a little nervous about this?" But the guy flew the plane back to Colorado safe and sound. I white knuckled it the whole way.

Anonymous said...

omg @ both experiences. I rarely fly with my children, we usually drive but I HATE HATE HATE (Mrs. Lynch rarely uses this word) when people cough like they have TB...AND I start to imagine those spores flying in my nose,mouth etc.

EntertainingMom said...

ACK!!!!! I hope your flight to Boston goes much more smoothly in September ;)

bevy said...

Not a good post before our trip in September!!! LOL

Jo said...

When flying home from California this summer the gentleman sitting next to me was a police officer. He was going to Maryland to pick up a prisoner and fly back to CA with him the very next day. SO glad I wasn't on that flight.

It was very enlightening chatting with this man. Apparently, they fly prisoners {murderers, rapists, drug dealers} quite often and the passengers are never privy. The officers are always armed but just knowing they were on the flight would bother me.


Donna said...

I'm amazed that they would allow an ill person to fly, knowing they were probably contagious.
As for me...a lot of funny stories but I mosty just close my eyes on flights and hope to sleep till I get there!!!
St. Thomas...love it!! Have a great time!!!

myletterstoemily said...

good grief!!!

have you seen the SNL flight
skits? hilarious but a little too

pink green & southern said...

When we are in Nantucket remind me to tell you about the time a man threatened Pinkie in first class on a flight from LGA to Nashville.