Saturday, August 14, 2010

We Heart Angel Dear Lovies

As you may know, our Hurricane can be a little spitfire. She can also be a precious sweetheart. Everywhere she goes, lambie goes. Lambie also goes by the name "Night Night". Lambie brings great comfort to Hurricane. Her cousin, M, loves her Night Night too, and our nephew is learning to love his at just 3 months old. If you do not have a lovie for your little one, try to find one of these Angel Dear blankets.
You'll be glad you did! You may want to buy "a pair and a spare"!


Gwennie said...

Our family loves the lovies too! I order them from Monogram Chick, as my go to baby gift, with their name or mongram on them. Check out her sight.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I might get my DIL one of these. She is expecting in December! Thanks!

Sarah Denley said...

We love Angel Dear, too. I'm doing a post about my "dream house" and I wanted to make sure it was okay if I used one of your sleep porch images. I LOVE the idea of it! Please let me know if it's not. Thanks so much!

North of 25A said...

I still have a favorite "blue blankie" - lol. When my G. girl was a baby she loved a pink fleecce so we called it the "super blankie" & I got another one in another shade of pink that we called the "traveling blankie" - worked perfectly! Happy Monday!

Marla said...

My little guy loves those too! He received one as an was a blue bunny that he called "Bubba" when he began talking. Still a favorite!

HoodMama said...

I've missed you! Can't wait to catch up all you posted while we were at camp!
And I kinda want one of these for myself. :)