Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Bug

Our Bug is a mess. She and her little sister, Hurricane, define the word mess. Bug makes us laugh because she has so many young suitors and she is completely oblivious. In fact, these young boys are too young to know themselves what their feelings for Bug mean, but it sure is sweet. Buggy had a very special friend in NC who happened to be a boy. They still write letters in their first grade handwriting. The letters usually just say, "I love you I love you I love you". It is not a romantic love to them, but an expression of love to a friend. The sweet little things have discussed marriage, but know it is something that happens a LONG time from now. We have tried not to encourage these discussions, and so the focus has always been on being best friends. We also had a special neighbor friend in Raleigh who was another little boy. He, too, enjoyed the Bug's company.

We then moved to Florida, and Our Bug sadly left her friends. Upon entering a new school last year, she became good friends with another little boy. They are such sweet buddies and have a great time laughing and playing together. However, DH and I have been amused at our Bug because she has so many sweet friendships with boys. We have heard of a child a year younger than her who also loves being around her. Yet another little boy told his mother how much he enjoys the Bug. DH and I can't imagine what the teenage years will be like with this one since she is already garnering so much attention! We continue to pray that she will be a young woman after God's own heart and that she will seek Him, not the approval of others. However, we can't help thinking she's pretty cute too!


North of 25A said...


Kyndall said...

so precious!

Donna said...

You are righ....she is VERY cute!!

Jo said...

So sweet ~ hope you're saving these for viewing later in life.


pink green & southern said...

She sounds a lot like Pinkie. Sometimes I laugh when I watch Pinkie around others and remember that quote from Designing Women. Whenever someone asked a young Suzanne's mother,"Whatever will she be when she grows up?" her mother was known to reply "Why the center of attention, of course!" Sounds like this applies to your little one as well!

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