Friday, August 27, 2010

Fat Friday

GOOOOO Dawgs!!! Sic 'em!! Football season is almost here and hubby can't wait for me to boil some Georgia peanuts for him. Football games remind me of dressing up in my best dress, sometimes donning a hat, and heading to the game where we were squished through a gate while the smell of Jim Beam filled the air. I never could see that little ball down on the field from my nosebleed seat, so I just enjoyed socializing. I went to college at the University of Georgia, as you might have guessed.
Athens is a wonderful college town. It parallels Chapel Hill, NC. Broad Street is the main street in downtown Athens. It is filled with wonderful restaurants and shops and bars. When I visited UGA for the first time, my parents took me to a charming Italian restaurant called DePalmas. The parentals always rate a town based on its Italian restaurants, and Athens was no exception. DePalma's fit the bill perfectly and even raised the bar for us on what it takes to be a really great Italian restaurant. DePalma's is the perfect place for dinner because penniless college students can afford a slice and a coke, while parents can come to town and treat their dear ones to a fabulous meal without breaking the bank. People LOVED their breadsticks as a starter, and all of their salads have delicious homemade dressings. The homemade breadsticks were braided with spinach and onion or meatball and onion and then baked with mozzarella. Can you say, "YUM"? They are so delicious and so homemade that you must allow 20 minutes for them to bake. So, sit back and have a glass of chianti while you wait for this goodness!

One of their old favorites is Pasta DePalma, which is angel hair pasta baked with rosemary cream, mushroom, mozzarella, and your choice of artichoke, ham, sausage or chicken. At just $12.00, it is priced well. They also have Chicken Parmigian which is served with a side of spinach angel hair marinara. All of the pasta dishes are fresh and delicious. A grilled angus flat iron steak will set you back $19, and it is one of the most expensive entrees on the menu. DePalma's is priced right!
Their pizzas are all amazing with a great traditional as well as speciality pizzas like the Italian with prosciutto, roasted peppers, and mozzarella and asiago cheeses. You just can't go wrong at DePalma's!
If you find yourself with the good fortune of being in the great city of Athens, Georgia, head on over to DePalma's Italian Cafe'; you will not be disappointed!


Love Being a Nonny said...

Go DAWGS! For several years my son dated a girl who went to UGA. We became bulldog fans then and I still consider myself a Dawg fan! Love the dog uga!!! (Duke remains my favorite basketball team though.) My son says Atens football is like no other. He loved going to the games there!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I LOVE Athens too. It's such a fun,Southern city. No luck at the consignment sale.

bevy said...

After South Carolina, our second favorite team is Georgia. Go Dawgs! (When they're not playing the Gamecocks!)

Actually I really havw a platonic crush on Mark Richt...