Thursday, September 25, 2008

The boss

Our 5 year old has a bigger-than-life personality. I mean, really big.  She is so smart, and yet so stubborn. She is not a listener!! But she is full of compassion and she is a DOER!  We love that about her.

However, we thought that when God made K, he broke the mold.  She is one of those truly funny children who stands out. She was on stage for 5 minutes with Gregg Russell at Hilton Head this summer and he looked at her and said, "You're the pistol, aren't you?!"  He was right.

Anyway, we always thought life was full with our precious trips and our pistol K.  Little did we know baby AH would be a pistol too.  She goes to MMO one morning a week, and today when I dropped her off, the teacher said, "The boss is here!"  Oh no... what have we gotten ourselves into with little cinqo???  I think we have another pistol!!  Apparently she is following in the footsteps of her big sis!

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