Saturday, September 27, 2008

Children's Art work

Children make precious things all of the time and the paper can just add up so quickly!! If you're sentimental like me, it is difficult to throw away the things that those little hands made.  I have some great ideas for you!

-Go to your local craft store & buy inexpensive box frames & frame your favorite pieces!  You can put large pieces of construction paper behind them, if needed, to serve as your mat if the frame is bigger than the artwork.

-Take a picture of your child holding his/her artwork.

-Take a DIGITAL picture of your child's artwork & label it with the date & your child's age.  Make a slideshow of artwork in I Photo & burn to a DVD!  You can add music and everything!

-Buy a large artist's portfolio for storing large pieces.

-Buy a large Rubbermaid clear box to hold special artwork, papers, and things for each child.  Label the outside with black permanent marker with the child's name and date of birth.  (These boxes can be used to hold ALL mementos).

-Have a special bulletin board, door, or string for displaying art.

I love seeing children's artwork displayed in a home like it is as fine as any oil painting.  This also communicates GREAT VALUE to your child!!  Crumbling it up in front of them does not!

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