Saturday, September 13, 2008

Other Uses for Waffle Iron!

Kappa Prep talked about wanting a waffle maker from Williams-Sonoma, which prompted me to write this post!! I have an inexpensive waffle iron from Target, and it works well!

My friend, EM, who lives in Wisconsin, is a fabulous cook. She makes wonderful waffles for her 4 boys & serves them with maple smoked bacon.  Mmmm.... She is the reason I own a waffle iron!

I have 2 ideas for your waffle iron which will allow you to use it at lunch or dinner!  Make a ham sandwich with cheese & put it in your waffle iron.  It makes a ham & cheese waffle, and your children will likely have no idea what is in it!  You could do the same with turkey or sliced chicken breast or roast beef & swiss... you get the idea!

I have also taken brownie mix & poured it in the waffle iron. It makes delicious dessert waffles, and they are best served with ice cream & chocolate syrup!  Something about their unique shape makes them better than your typical brownie!!!

Enjoy & Happy Cooking!


Kappa Prep said...

These are such great ideas!! Thank you! As soon as I get my iron I am going to use these. The swiss and turkey ones sounds delightful and perfect with a cup of soup.

Happy Mommy said..., how do you clean it? F uses ours like this, but I'm always hesitant b/c clean-up always sounds hard to me. Does it suffice to just wipe it out w/ paper towels?

Henley on the Horn said...

I have not made them in a while, but if you spray it with Pam or canola spray or something similar, it shouldn't be too sticky! Have fun!