Thursday, September 4, 2008

Christmas gift ideas

I like to buy our Christmas gifts way in advance!  With 5 children, it's too difficult to try to do last- minute, by the skin-of-your-teeth shopping. For my sanity, I have to plan ahead.

DH (Dear Husband)'s aunt just turned 80.  She wants to be able to print pictures from the weekend. So... I have put all of the pictures on a CD & I have burned CDs for all of the aunts, cousins, and uncles that were able to attend.  Now they can take the CD to the local photo store & print the photos they desire!  I love my Mac, as I have mentioned before. So, I also put all of the photos into a slideshow using I Photo & then I added music.  Voila'!  Christmas gifts for that entire side of the family!  They are not expensive soaps or stationary, but these movies are priceless!  I plan to do something similar for my family as well.

Each year I make calendars on I Photo for my brothers & their wives & both sets of grandparents.  I type in everyone's birthdays & special occasions and fill it with pictures I have taken throughout the year.  I even asked everyone to send me special dates of friends & family, so each calendar is personalized with those events.  I should receive a cut from Apple Computers because I really love their products! It is easy to order these calendars online & they arrive at your doorstep! No mall traffic at all.

Snapfish sometimes offers cute photo ornaments... another great idea.  My friend, K, gave us one 2 Christmases ago that is a picture of our whole family! I love it.

I also use I Photo to create books for my family. I scanned in my brother's wedding & honeymoon pictures & made a neat book for them last year!  So, I will once again use my computer for lots of gifts this year!! :)

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Melissa said...

you are so on the ball! I love the ideas and early, too!
Yes, Corinne's sister is Dorothy! I love love love her!
Small world!