Thursday, September 11, 2008

Write it all down...

I love to write, and I love to read things I have written in the past... don't you?  Try to take a few minutes every then & write down things the children have said, what is going on in your world, funny quotes, random thoughts, et cetera. You will be so delighted to go back & read these things!

I have a special notebook for each child.  They each have their own color of notebook & I write little tidbits whenever I remember to pull the books out and do it!  I hope you'll do the same!

I also began a journal to my husband when we were first married. My friend, A in Athens, does this & writes in it each year on their anniversary. I included facts like our income, how much we paid for our house, who are closest friends were, what we did for fun, etc. After 13 precious years, it's fun to look back & see what we were like in our slim twenties!

Have a great night! I'm behind in making school lunches!

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