Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Fair! 2008

We went to the fair yesterday & it was perfect! The weather was perfect fair weather!  The children wore hooded sweatshirts with a shirt underneath them and a pair of jeans. No one complained about their clothes & all sweatshirts stayed on! On the ferris wheel, they all put on their little hoods!!  The clothes are in the washer now & are almost all clean! I even throw their tennis shoes in there, though this year's fair did not feel dirty.

The day was perfect. We had bought tickets in advance & did not use them all, but the children still rode plenty of rides. Most were 3 tickets each.  We arrived around 11am & they rode several rides before lunch.  Lunch for 9 people was only $30!!  We shared fries & the children shared 2 sprites between the 5 of them. Footlongs were only a quarter more than a regular dog, so we bought 3 footlongs to split between the five children! Pretty smart! My mama was the price checker on that one!

We bought 2 elephant ears & all shared them. Two of the girls bypassed the elephant ears (fried dough) to wait on ice cream.  We spent about $22 total on treats. One favorite is the spiral apple in the Village of Yesteryear for just $1.  I carried 2 regular bottled waters & one small one & came home with the 2 big ones. The children did not beg for drinks or lots of food. They were GREAT!  

We even sold our 5 leftover sheets of tickets, so I left with $50 in my pocket! PERFECT!!!  Since we are moving, we are sad we may not be back next year. I may sneak back out there on canned food day on Thursday for some more fried dough! Shh.... don't tell anyone!!!

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Preppy Pettit said...

So sad, we missed it this year!