Saturday, October 25, 2008

Something for Saturday!

Saturdays are a special day of the week. For most of us, it's a day you can let your children be your alarm clock instead of your trusty old Sony. Saturdays are fun because you can stay in your pajamas a little longer, actually read the paper while eating breakfast, and enjoy your family. It is also a day for home projects! When your children are 3 and under, one of you is going to spend the entire time chasing babies while the other can be a bit productive. However, as your children grow and become a little more independent, start to involve them in raking the yard, picking up sticks, spreading mulch, etc. Little ones can even help with laundry or emptying the dishwasher and they LOVE to do it.

Today we will try to balance packing some boxes and being together as a family. I imagine there will be tears and whining (probably from Mama Henley), but hopefully we'll make some happy memories too!! Try to spend at least 2 hours today as a family... visiting the pumpkin farm, cleaning rooms, watching football, going out to eat, et cetera. You'll be glad you did!

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pink green & southern said...

Home project it is for us around here today, but I'm not getting much done with my little 3 year old helper! Tomorrow will be a great family day, though--Halloween Festival and a Pop Warner football game--don't you just love fall?!