Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Fair!

October is my FAVORITE time of year... then again, I love each season for different reasons. I love Oct. because I was born in Oct, so it has always had special meaning. I also love THE FAIR. I know many of you are thinking, "Ooooo... gross... I can't stand the fair"! Well, I do enjoy it. I love seeing the children's faces when they ride the rides and try fried dough. I love watching them pet animals that then give them diarrhea for 2 weeks. I love hearing the man say, "Come on down to Cary Methodist. We've got ham biscuits, footlongs, french fries, hamburgers, and the best ham biscuits at the fair". They say the same thing every year. Every year I watch people stand in line for Al's french fries, even though I've never had them.

One of my favorite fair visits was before the children were even born. I was newly pregnant, and went with my friends, Q&A, and my brother & sister in law, A & A. Q was VERY pregnant & it was more fun!! She may not be happy that I am writing this, so now I am going back & changing initials! So, my imaginary friend Q ate her way through the fair. It was more fun. First she had a hot dog... but not just any hot dog. She had a footlong! with extra fries. Loved it. Just loved it. Then, we went outside & she saw the ears of corn. She had to have it. D loves to tell of how he heard her yell through the thick crowd, "Honey, make sure they put EXTRA BUTTER on it"!!!! And they did. She ate that big ole piece of corn w/ extra butter. Next we walked past a chocolate dipped banana. I was feeling sick just watching her eat the corn. But, oh no, she was GOING to eat that banana!! She ordered one & we laughed & laughed as she ate that banana!! The night continued like that. Who doesn't love the fair with that kind of entertainment??

So, get ready because the fair is in our state for 10 days starting on Thurs. I hope you'll go! Tomorrow I will post some tips on how to go to the fair & save a little mad cheddar!

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Kappa Prep said...

Hooray for the fair! I am going to the TX fair on Friday!