Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Day of Summer

The day started with a snake killing. By ME. It turns out pools attract all kinds of creatures including snakes and frogs and toads!! At night, the toads go crazy and sit on the side of our pool and croak. Apparently the pool attracts snakes too. The children kept screaming at breakfast that there was a snake in the pool. I figured (hoped) it was a stick or a leaf. Unfortunately, they were right. I grabbed a shovel and the pool net, scooped up the snake and then killed it while it was in the net. I was shaking all over but the shovel worked!!! Never mind that it looked so tiny after it died!! The orange ring on its neck made me think it could be poisonous.

We were then late to horseback riding where the instructor fussed at the girls instead of me. "M'am, I am sorry we were late. I was killing a snake". Enough said.

All of this fun happened while I am trying to potty train a toddler. Why am I doing this to myself just before travel time? She is doing well except for when she is asleep, which is "no big whoop" as we used to say in high school.

I went to pick little H up from her nap, and she had torn one of her favorite books. I sweetly said, "Oh, sweetheart, what did you do to your book?" She dissolved into HUGE sobs and then we hugged and hugged and repaired the book together. Sweet baby.

Despite our previous snake sighting, we were back in the pool this afternoon!
I hope YOU had a great day!


pink green & southern said...

You are soooo brave!!!! We had a HUGE snake by our pool in Nashville and I had to call one of my friend's husband to come kill it because Mr. K was out of town! It was like 5 feet long! I am so glad you didn't get hurt. Apparently they can strike the length of their body.

Gwennie said...

Yikes! Now I'm glad I don't have a pool! You are way braver than I would have been.