Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

I am blessed to have wonderful children. Being a mother is the greatest job I will ever have! I'll never make money being a mama and I'll never know the taste of success that the world knows, but there is no greater delight than taking care of these precious little people that the Lord has entrusted to DH and me. They are such gifts.

Our triplets has quite a beginning! They arrived 10 weeks early and were very tiny. You can also read about it here.

It always brings me such joy to experience things with our miracles. We are sending the triplets to a wonderful Classical Christian school. They are learning amazing things!! On Friday we had our Mother's Day Tea. What a precious morning!! The children had worked so hard to honor all of their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and special friends. They had beautiful tables for us and then they recited poetry and sang to us. Each child had painted 2 paintings that were similar to Van Gogh's sunflowers and irises. They are gorgeous!!

A is our first born. He is an amazing little boy. He is all boy, and yet he wrote that he loves hugs and kisses from his mama. He is a great mathemetician and loves art. He can create anything out of paper! A taught himself over 30 Bible verses and earned a certificate. He had missed half of the year since we moved here in January and he still learned the verses! Golf is his favorite sport, and he is a terrific putter. A is very tender to his sisters and loves to swim and play legos. His teacher said he is always willing to give to others, whether it is a prized snack or his place in line, Ash will sacrifice for others. He is a precious boy and we all love him!

DH calls D "Girl number 1" because she was born first of our four girls. She has a very tender spirit and is the least extroverted of our children. D can be mischievous, yet she has a very quiet spirit. She is a natural in the classroom and learns easily. Her teacher says she uses this gift to help others. She loves to swim and ride horses. We believe she is also a natural at riding horses because she shows great poise and confidence when on a horse. D is a sweet girl and we are so thankful for our helpful daughter!

CP was the baby of the triplets. She loves to be held and does not like to be away from her family. CP is easily upset when she is away from us and loves nothing more than to be home. I believe she is our homebody! She has blue eyes that sparkle and truly light up the room when she is in it. CP can swim with ease and just glides across the pool. She can be very dramatic, so it is fun to hear her read. She & D are very helpful with our littlest monkey. She is a little mother. Her teacher says her joy and enthusiasm is contagious! What joy CP brings to our family!

Our 2 youngest girls are equally wonderful, and I will share about them in another post! I am thankful for our lovely tea!


Anonymous said...

Don't cut yourself short AH.. being a good mother is life's greatest success and you are a wonderful mama! Missing you at WMWDS!

EntertainingMom said...

they are beautiful, beautiful children! And I especially love D's Jack O Lantern teeth! (my Christopher has them too!)

It looks like you had a lovely Mother's Day Tea!

Christina said...

I love CP and DH - I had so much fun being their camp counselor a few years ago!

Heather said...

You have such a beautiful family!