Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A sweet day

What a sweet day! K told her Daddy she was building a HABITAT for her bugs... of course we both thought that was just brilliant. A decided ON HIS OWN to practice for their Bible verse competition next week. He sat singing his little heart out & practiced all of the verses. There are PAGES of them. CP sat down to do her Math. They are being taught Singapore Math, and it is more difficult at first, but they say that these students will be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide BIG numbers later. CP hasn't understood completely the little tricks for this math. Tonight, it CLICKED after A showed her how to do it. I had tried, but it took her triplet brother showing her for it to click. I loved it. DJ came home and handed me the sweetest note telling me that I am a wonderful mother, so of course that made me day! She has such a giving heart. After dinner, we let the children swim. At bath time, CP told H to sit on the potty. They both sat on the potty (AH has a little potty) and H FINALLY went to the potty in the potty!!!! I had given up trying because whenever we talk about it, she says, "No!" Well, it clicked tonight & then she sat back down and went #2! The entire family cheered and we gave her 3 MMs and she jumped up & down & danced and we all continued to yell. It was so sweet! THank you, Lord, for another great day!!


EntertainingMom said...

It really is the little things that make for such a great day... not that those were little things... but I think you know what I mean... don't you?!?!

pink green & southern said...

Congrats H!!!