Monday, May 4, 2009

Funny but graphic story

I don't want to make anyone sick or upset, so please don't read if you're think you will be! One of my daughters walked in on me in the bathroom at an inopportune time of the month. She is our most naive child, and she did not stay or stare, but quietly left the room. With 5 children, they've all walked in on me at some point or another since they began walking. I called after her and said, "If you want me to explain it to you, I will". She quickly replied, "Maybe when I'm ten!" I loved her ability to show me that she is not ready to learn more about the real world, and that it is wonderful for her to just be a little 8 year old girl!! I laughed out loud and told her that sounded like a great idea:).


pink green & southern said...

What a sweet girl! My daughters, on the other hand, want all the gory details!!!

EntertainingMom said...

Judging by her reaction she already knows something! Perhaps she has a friend with an older sister? Rebecca was 8 when she learned all about this wondrous moment. Her bff Eva told her. They were 8 and Eva's older sis was 16... Eva told Rebecca in the most wonderful, matter of fact moment... it had something to do with the changing of the seasons and leaves like eggs drop. It was so eloquent that I certainly would have not come nearly as close in tact or delivery! AND I cannot tell you how happy (relieved!) I was to hear that my duties of The Speech were taken away from me!

Kappa Prep said...

Oh, she is so sweet! I think naive is best, that is how I was!!