Friday, May 22, 2009

Miss Nancy Minds Their Manners

2009 Updated Preview Miss Nancy Minds Their Manners Documentary from Martha Daniel & Caroline Paxton on Vimeo.

This 8 minute preview of our upcoming Documentary, "Miss Nancy Minds Their Manners" shows some of the newer interviews and film clips as of May 2009.

We hope you will enjoy seeing some newer scenes. Currently we are in process of editing and trying to complete this film by fall 2009. This trailer is being used for promotional purposes as well as for sending out with our applications to businesses and foundations for further funding so that we can complete our film with the broadcast standards we believe it deserves.

This film is fiscally sponsored by the Southern Documentary Fund which allows us to receive tax deductible contributions.

More information about this documentary can be found at
Thank you for your interest!

Our children were so blessed to have attended Miss Nancy's Summer House Party. Miss Nancy is in her mid-70s, and she and her husband, Mr. Peter, run a fantastic Manners Camp at their home in NC each summer. There are about 5 different weeks of camp that are just 4 nights each. Our triplets LOVED it and our son asked to go back again last summer! He would go again if I would let him. He loves it.

Martha Daniel and Caroline Paxton are creating a documentary on Miss Nancy and the dying art of etiquette. You will just love this documentary!! You can support it by donating to the Southern Documentary Fund at Duke University. They hope to complete the film by Fall of 2009. Enjoy this trailer... our triplets are in it!:)


EntertainingMom said...

Oh that is so wonderful! How special... I had my oldest signed up for "manners classes" through a company called The Barclay School... white gloves a must! I loved it -- they learned everything... not sure they will retain it all ;)

I want to be in the south... I think I am a displaced southerner!

Gwennie said...

Please let me know when the documentary is completed. I would love to watch the whole thing. I wish we had something like that up here!

The B Family said...

I would love more information about Miss Nancy's camp. Sounds wonderful!

pink green & southern said...

Oh, AH thanks so much for sharing this! That Miss Nancy is a national treasure!!! I would die for my girls to experience something like this! Does she still accept campers every summer? I would fly to NC to take Pinkie!!!

P.S. My mom said to tell you thank you also for posting this--she fell in love with Miss Nancy, her husband and her friend!

Henley on the Horn said...

Yes! She still accepts campers every summer. I will call her & find out if she has any room left this summer!

Tickled Pink Talk said...

I am with Entertaining Mom on this one! I was just telling a friend I am a displaced southerner!! I wish there was a camp like this closer to home (but then it just wouldn't be the same would it??) :) Thank you for sharing this!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I cried when A cried! Precious!