Friday, May 29, 2009


If you don't use your local library, you really should. Ours offers all kinds of wonderful things from storytime to DVDs that you can check out and use at home. I love it because I can choose a movie for DH and I to watch or check out some Cookie Monster movies for little H. It's wonderful! I even found LASSIE the other day. The children will love watching Lassie!

We are having a family reading challenge this summer. The big 4 have a summer reading list and just have to read 3 of the titles. We have already succeeded because I challenged the children to see who could read the most books for a prize. Now, I didn't even state WHAT the prize would be, because I have no idea. Well, it ignited a passion to win in our little angels!! They are reading all of the time!!! It is just wonderful. Yesterday they read over 10 books picture each and 1 child read an entire chapter book in one day. So... dangle a prize and you will have some fastidious readers too!


pink green & southern said...

Summer reading is the best! Miss Priss always loves doing the summer reading program at our library and earning the fun prizes!

Imjustagirl said...

You are so clever! Way to ignite their imaginations! Local libraries are a gem especially in this economy they offer so many things for kids and families that are either free or cost very little and I just don't think enough people take advantage of them!