Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas Cards

If you want to have one less worry in December, now is the time to work on your Christmas cards. Yes, I really did just say that. NOW is the time to work on your Christmas cards. If you do, then come December when your friends are fretting over the 1001st picture they have taken of their children that STILL WON'T work, you will sit back, smile slyly, and think to yourself, "Mama Henley was right. It IS better to do your Christmas cards early." I am telling ya, ladies, it's much easier to do it now than to procrastinate.

My friend, ML, makes fantastic homemade cards every year. I heart them. They have ribbons that match the cards that match the outfits her three model children are wearing in the verycoolpicture. My friend, B, has always outdone herself from year to year with one card more creative than the next. She found a great printer who does black and white photo cards on white paper that are tri-folded and oh-so-fun. Because of B, we've had those cards twice. MD & C have had fun collage Christmas cards where you can see all of the fun things their families did in the last year. Drew & Jay (they're men & I know they don't read my blog, so I'll just use their names, for Heaven's sake!) both are FANTASTIC witty letter writers & I used to love it when they'd write a letter about the past year. Sadly, neither of them do it anymore. I loved those updates. If I did not mention you, this does not mean you don't have great Christmas cards!! I am writing quickly & thinking off the cuff, okay? Last year M waited until after a fabulous trip to Germany over Thanksgiving because she knew she'd have an ohsoperfectpicture from the trip. It's okay if you need to wait for something like that. If not, get going, girls!

Snapfish is offering 35% off orders before November 2nd. For every 75 cards (I think) you buy from Shutterfly, they'll throw in another 50 for free. FOR FREE. If you use the code SHIP40 then you don't have to pay shipping on large orders. Tiny Prints and others also have precious cards.

You'll be so happy you listened & put those babies on the front porch and snapped their picture in all of October's glory when December rolls around and you get to focus on baking and loving your family and shopping instead of Christmas cards!! Next time, I'll show you what I have done with my Christmas cards because of B's brilliant idea.


Happy Mommy said...

You are so is much easier to do it early! Also, keep working until you get the best deal you can possibly get. Last year, we ordered ours through Vistaprint. I was ordering with a promotion code, but when I got to the end, I still was not happy with the total amount. I googled promotion codes or coupons for Vistaprint and got a much better deal that decreased my total by $100!! Also, some people do Christmas cards every other year which is not a bad idea!--Love to you!

Henley on the Horn said...

You are very right, Happy Mommy!!! Yes, I do the same thing & google promo codes & it makes a BIG difference! I cant' believe you saved $100!!! I have been very sad ever since leaving you all.

Tickled Pink Talk said...

Great advice! I think I just got our picture this past I just have to pick the cards...sigh.


pink green & southern said...

You are so right! I am taking my pics and ordering the cards within the next week.

wendy said...

i ahve mine, now I have to address them!!!