Saturday, October 17, 2009

FALL!!!!! We can't believe it!!

It's amazing that a 10* difference in degrees makes it feel like FALL here in Florida, even though the temp still hovered around 80*. AHHHH the cooler air, breezes, and lower humidity were a welcome change. Everyone in town was outside enjoying the goodness called fall and breaking out the fleeces, lightweight sweaters, and jeans. It was a GREAT day!

This morning we enjoyed a Fall Festival at Hyde Park. All of the shops offered Trick or Treating, and the children loved trick or treating from store to store. Pottery Barn Kids had the CUTEST melamine pumpkin plates and plastic turkey tumblers. Adorable. We visited the small pumpkin patch and took some pictures. I love that our children enjoy dressing alike. When I told them we were going to a festival, they all chose to dress in orange to match. I have to say it was quite adorable and made great pictures. I hope they never decide to quit dressing in the same color for pictures! It also made it much easier to keep up with them in the massive crowd.

When we returned home, the children played outside until DH came home from watching the game with a friend. He took our K outside to help her to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. She did it!! We all watched and celebrated. I love our FLIP ULTRA because I was able to quickly record her historical moment!

The children did not want to buy our pumpkins without their Daddy, so we will do that another day. It was a glorious FALL day with the family. It really lifted my spirits!! Happy Fall, y'all!


Raining Pearls said...

Sounds like a great day with the kids. It's raining here in Boston so I'll be finishing my Fall decorating and starting my coupon binder :)

wendy said...

so sweet! Way to go, K!!!! I am so proud of you!!What a wonderful day!

pink green & southern said...

How much fun--love those kiddos in the pumpkins!

Imjustagirl said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

kmoye said...

Great pics! You have a beautiful family!
and yay its Fall! :)