Friday, October 2, 2009

Potty Training

Potty training is no easy chore unless your child trains himself, like our CP did. Otherwise, you will deal with many small accidents and tears. Thankfully Gerber created the perfect underwear for potty training! We love their cotton training pants. It is underwear that is much thicker than the ones with Dora or the Disney princesses on them. They actually hold some wetness and eliminate some "spills". Plus, I think they're pretty cute too! H loves her floral and pink ones. So, if you are potty training, check out your local Target for some Gerber training pants. They are in the section with the Gerber onesies, t-shirts, and wash cloths. You'll be glad you did!


pink green & southern said...

Those "thick" panties are the BEST for potty training!

Valerie said...

Just getting ready to go there! LOL

Of course my SIL has a daughter 5-months YOUNGER than my son and she basically trained herself over the summer. (Ben will be 3 in Nov.)

Some folks have all the luck! Ha!!!