Saturday, October 3, 2009

Henley on the Horn Strikes again!

This summer while DH & I vacationed at the FABULOUS Half Moon Bay Resort in Jamaica, I had some good ole Pringles from the mini bar. These single serving size Pringles were a mere $4. Imagine my dismay when I took a big bite of my first chip only to taste something TERRIBLE. In fact, it was so terrible, I had to spit out the chip. It was a taste I could not get out of my mouth, a very strong, odorous taste. DH thought I was crazy because I kept the can with the nasty chips and I brought it home with me on the plane that day instead of throwing it away. When we arrived home, I called Proctor and Gamble and reported my foul-tasting chips. They asked me to send the chips to them for further examination, and then they sent me a check for $4 to cover the cost of the bad chips. Fast forward several weeks... today I received a letter that explained that the chips had not been tampered with (I swore they had drugs in them! I'm not dramatic AT ALL), but that the pop top had the wrong date on it and the chips were indeed STALE. The letter went on to say that I should receive coupons for some complimentary P&G products in the next 7-10 days. Hopefully that will really happen. Why am I telling you this story? To encourage you, the consumer, to never be afraid to call the company if a product isn't what you thought it was going to be. It's okay to call and it's wonderful to have your money refunded. I will continue to buy Proctor and Gamble products because of the way they handled this mishap. Happy Saturday!! If you have a problem and need help correcting it, call Henley on the Horn!

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Travelbug Mom said...

I agree with you and I have alerted companies about inferior quality at times, in fact I just sent a ziploc bag back with UPC code because every bag I pulled out of box and tried to open, tore along the zip! Thanks for the post.