Saturday, October 31, 2009

My first Halloween as a Mama

I can't believe that my first Halloween as a Mama was 8 years ago today!!! Time really flies when you're having lots of fun and wiping more bottoms than you can count. On their first Halloween, the triplets wore cute borrowed costumes from another family of triplets. Our D was a "Dellaphant" and had the PERFECT big cheeks! We wanted to kiss those cheeks all night long! Our boy was a dinosaur. I am reminded this morning just how loud his ROAR can be! Our Tiny girl was a ladybug, which is so fitting for her fun personality. We went to a Halloween party at their friend, C's, house. The triplets were so exhausted when they came home that they literally fell asleep sitting up in their high chairs!

On their second Halloween, I wanted to be creative and choose costumes for our triplets. Not everyone has triplets! We decided they would be the three blind mice. I searched ebay until I had three mouse costumes!! Let me just say that they were about the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!

On their third Halloween, our sweet two year olds were the three little pigs and their new baby sister was the ladybug! Those 3 little pigs were so cute and carried their sticks, straw, and bricks all night long!

It makes me sad that these years have flown by so quickly, but we are thankful for many happy Halloweens and are excited about another fun one TONIGHT!!! Happy Halloween, everyone!!! We have lots to prepare for our Velveteen Rabbit characters: the sick little boy, the nanny, the Velveteen rabbit, the fairy, and the doctor!


Blair said...

you are so clever with your costume ideas!!!

Travelbug Mom said...

SO PRECIOUS! Fantastic costumes. Can't wait to see how "Alice" turned out!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!You have so much fun with all your kids! You are such a good mama! It was fun seeing you all at the end of Halloween Sat. night! XXOO,w

Kim said...

What adorable costumes! You are so creative! Love the look back!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Kristin said...

OMG, they look SO adorable in all their costumes! I can't believe it was my second Halloween as a mama. Time needs to slow down!

Pink Maple said...

What cuties!

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