Friday, April 10, 2009

More about the triplets' birth

Our sweet triplets were born at 4:56 pm, 4:58pm, and 4:59pm. What miracles they are even today!!!!! They were born by emergency c-section since I spiked a high fever which can indicate infection in the womb. Those babies were out within 30 minutes!! Dr. Sarah did a fabulous job. I saw brief glimpses from afar of each of them, but they were whisked away to be taken care of in the NICU. I was wheeled back to my room for recovery. D's sweet parents drove in from Georgia that night to meet their newest grandchildren, so D was in the next room visiting with them. I was left alone so that I could sleep and recover since I had just delivered three babies. Yet I had just delivered three babies and I was too excited and anxious to sleep. I remember being in my room and calling for D, but he couldn't hear me. I became more and more upset because I was all alone on the greatest day of our life together with no babies to hold or see and no husband. Being a calm and head-on-straight female with not one little ounce of hormones shooting through my body, I began to scream louder. And LOUDER. And I am sure LOUDER. Finally, D heard me and came in the room. He was quite calm, of course. He was having a great ole time while I was alone:). I am sure I was very sweet when I explained how I felt!!

Finally, the nurse came to get us so that we could meet our precious triplets. I was wheeled in a wheelchair as you usually can't walk for several hours after a c-section. It was after 10pm when we finally met our babies. Sadly, another mother had birthed twins that day and they lost one of them. The NICU staff had kept us away so that they could have time with their babies. We were so sad for them and very glad for them to have that time. It broke our hearts to learn why it had taken them so long to get us back to see our babies. It made us even more grateful.

I was wheeled in the room and we went over to meet each one of our precious angels. They were so beautiful, despite their tiny size, and all of the tubes and monitors. They were perfect. We cried. I stood up and tried to walk. Of course then my insides fell on the floor, which was horribly embarrassing!! They helped us and I was able to walk or wheel over (I don't remember which one) and see each baby's beautiful face. We were filled with joy at what a miracle they were, but it was tough seeing such tiny babies. They were TINY. Our son, A, had so many tubes and wires and monitors. He was the smallest and had the most oxygen. I believe he was on a CPAP at first. Their little chests heaved with each breath. They smelled like strong soap. They were in little layettes that kept them warm even though they only had on a diaper and a little hat. Their pacifiers were larger than their hands. Yet they were perfect. We cried, rejoiced, marveled at them, and thanked the Lord.

Today is Good Friday and we marvel yet again. Our precious Lord died on the cross for our sins. He willingly died a painful death so that you and I may have eternal life. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy to forget this. But He is so real. His death is real. His love for all of us is real. May I never forget!!


pink green & southern said...

What a lovely post!

Preppy Pettit said...

I was just talking about my experience last night! There is a book about a Moms journey with her premie twins called early birds, have you read it?