Monday, April 27, 2009

Excuse me? Did you really say that?

I just returned from taking the big 4 to school and running 2 quick errands before returning home. We made some returns to Lowe's, had some keys made, and ran in Marshalls in search of a picture frame. In Marshalls, I let H walk instead of putting her in a cart. Big mistake. BIG. But I can get over my own mistakes. Yes, she was screaming. Yes, she threw herself on the floor. Yes, she ran and hid from me while screaming. It was not pretty. I felt like a helpless mother & grabbed her and held tight as we raced to the checkout counter so I could buy my beachy frame. As I was paying, she was still crying. However, it was not nearly as high pitched and piercing and out of control as it had been earlier. The woman behind me had just walked in the store with a return. I said, "I made the mistake of not putting her in a cart" to the cashier. Woman behind me says, "Oh, all of the babies are unhappy today" as another younger baby whimpered nearby. Then, to baby H she says, "You don't want to go shopping, do you? You want to stay home. You don't like shopping. You need to stay with a babysitter. Have you ever heard of a babysitter?" At this point, I am ready to say something ugly. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I am just not that fast on my feet. No witty response surfaced and I walked out of the store. Excuse me, do you have a right to tell me to pay for a babysitter? Do you want to pay? Or would you rather pay for a Classical education for 3 plus private preschool for one? Babysitters just aren't going to happen so that I can galavant around town! Now we are at home after being gone an hour. H is "where she should be". I can't stand passive aggressive comments from strangers!


Kappa Prep said...

Ugh! It is one thing to have a thought run through your head, but another to be rude! I am sorry!

EntertainingMom said...

Ugh sorry... had my share of criticism that I didn't ask for, nor did I deserve. The nerve of some people!