Monday, April 20, 2009

Triple the Fun Birthday Party

The triplets' birthday party was so easy and so much fun!

We made ice cream sundaes using the mini ice cream cups from Publix and lots of fun toppings like Magic Shell, MMs, Hershey chocolate eggs, gummy bears, skittles, smarties, and strawberries (we had to have a little healthy food in there!). The children had a BALL decorating their ice cream.

We also hired a lifeguard. It made the party incredibly safe and easy. Blaine watched the children and I didn't worry if I had to run inside to grab the ice cream.

Everyone (even the mamas) enjoyed the ice cream, and the triplets had fun with all of their new friends. It was a great afternoon and a very enjoyable, lowkey birthday party. I didn't even buy cute fancy napkins because all you do is throw them away. The lifeguard was our biggest expense along with food and water as I made our invitations and the favors were from the Dollar Store!

We are so thankful and blessed that our three angels are 8!!! A, D, and C, you are SUCH a blessing to your Mama and Daddy!
(Their initials are not meant to be in almost ABC order... we thankfully did not lose a B, our family names just happened to have the initials A, C, & D!)


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Cuties!!! What a fun party!

The B Family said...

Great idea to use the Publix ice cream cups! No scooping and you don't have to buy bowls! Looks like a fun party! Happy B-Day to your triplets.

EntertainingMom said...

Ahhh to be able to have a summertime Birthday party... or to live in FL where it feels like summer when it isn't... Can see you my envy? Looks like a great day!

pink green & southern said...

What a great party! What a blessing your triplets are!!!