Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When your newborn arrives....

try to do these things EVERY day. It will make you a better Mama (or Daddy)

-Brush your teeth. Your baby can be put down long enough for you to do this and it will not stunt them intellectually or make you a bad mama. However, having morning breath all day long will make you a bad friend and a bad wife! There is no excuse not to brush your teeth:).

-Take a shower if you need one. It will make you feel so much better to feel presentable. I have always tried to do my normal morning routine because it makes me feel awake, alive, and normal. I do get ready quickly, so this is easier for me to do than it may be for others. I shower every morning and put on makeup 98% of the time. If you don't want to put on makeup, put on a clear gloss or lipstick. You'll feel better

-Exercise. I fail in this department, but it is important. It is especially important if you are used to exercising daily before baby arrives. Babies love to be strolled, so feed baby and put him or her in the stroller & get outside!

-Have a Quiet Time. Open your Bible and let the Lord speak to you. I fail miserably at this, but I do try and I pray throughout the day. Model praying for your baby. Pray out loud. Sing hymns and praise songs. Baby will love it.

-Read something every day... even if it's a parenting magazine, a crossword puzzle, the paper, a blog, the online news websites, a book, or emails.

-Buy a notebook and record cute smiles, sayings, etc. that your baby does. You'll be glad you did.

-Don't try to be superwoman. It's impossible. It's OKAY to have some dishes in the sink or some clothes to fold sitting in a chair. IT's OKAY to have spit up on the front and back of your shirt. It's okay to be in your pajamas or to not have on makeup. Enjoy your baby. That is most important. This is not the time to try to have House Beautiful, though I do believe order creates a sense of calm, so it will make your home more peaceful if you can stay on top of the laundry & dishes, etc.

-Say "YES". If someone offers to help, say, "YES". Let them take your older child, bring you a meal, watch baby while you run an errand or nap, etc.

-Write down who does what for you & you can thank them later. You do not have to write thank you notes immediately, unless that relieves pressure for you.

-Enjoy your sweet baby. Every minute. Every cry. "Count it all JOY", as the Apostle Paul says. You'll be so glad you did!


Preppy Pettit said...

Amen on a shower every morning. What a difference that made when the twins were babies!

EntertainingMom said...

Nap when your baby naps! And if you can't sleep kick up your feet and lie down and relax!

And... take lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures!!!

Gwennie said...

I was on bedrest for several months before my first was born. And even though I went from bed to couch, I put on makeup, lipstick and jewelry everyday. I hardly saw anyone throughout the day, but it made me feel better. In fact I delivered with red lipstick on.

Christina said...

Thank you so much! My baby is due in a month and I'm so nervous about it!